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Spiritual Fitness Journey – Cyprus  Special Offer £900
23rd – 29th October 2017

Spiritual Fitness is a Course designed to teach foundations of Spiritual Practices needed for effective and sustainable Self-Development and transformation in a space of one week.

In modern daily busy lives there is often not enough time to commit to a regular practice that has a power to truly transform  and develop ones Inner Self.

This Journey is tailored for those who wish to kick-start their own Journey of Self-Development and wish to become equipped in a short time with the necessary tools needed for inner transformation.

Each day of this Journey will begin with a Zen Essence Yoga session taught by Aniko Nagy and move on to practices led by Konstantin Pavlidis. Afternoon sessions in Movement Mastery working with 5 Elements and Geo magnetic Energy in nature, evening sessions in Ki Robics energy training,  Meditation and Self-Healing sessions.

The focus will be on developing a personalised life management programme for each participant.

The aim of this Course is lasting transformation.

The journey will culminate in a Life Blueprint Course facilitated by Konstantin.

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Your Alternative Health Approach

Far Infrared Detox Sauna

Far Infrared Detox Sauna

Indulge in a deep tissue cleanse that will leave your skin glowing and leave you feeling lighter, cleaner and visibly refreshed. Unlike conventional saunas the FIDS goes much deeper than steam saunas to bring buried toxins to the surface. Highly recommended and currently all the rage, book yourself in to see what all the fuss is about.

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Available Treatments

We offer a wide range of treatments to suit all needs and preferences. Our therapists are highly qualified and experienced and work to the highest standard.

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Our assessments look at all levels of one’s existence allowing to paint a complete picture of one’s Life State. This allows to identify underlying causes of experienced issues that otherwise are not obvious. This approach allows for tailor made treatments to effectively resolve almost any issue.

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The Life Management Program

Life Brilliance

Life Brilliance

Life Brilliance is the first step in the Life Management series – a programme designed to help you transform your life to one of true meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction.

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In this second stage of the Life Management series, you will learn to follow the laws of nature, understand your body and use the answers that you found at the first meeting.

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Ego - Mind - Con

Ego – Mind – Con

Third workshop in the series of Life Management.  Here You will learn what is ego, mind, consciousness and how it is related.

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Life Blueprint

The Life Blueprint

 During this weekend workshop you will explore your inner being through the five elements – your connection to Life.

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