Our Mission Statement

“Know thyself” – Socrates

Fusing the most advanced principles of physics with state-of-the-art technology, Orassy Ultimate Health offers you unprecedented insight into your life state through Quantum Integrative Medicine.

Backed by a team of fully qualified complementary practitioners we offer you a variety of treatments, supplements, nutrition and classes which work in harmony to support you.

Our pioneering process is a world first, harnessing a complex of devices backed by a dedicated team of experts to help you rapidly attain Ultimate Health.

Originally launched as Orassy Kendron, meaning “Vision Centre”, the Orassy works on the principle that each person who visits us will be offered the opportunity to find their own personal centre of vision within themselves.

The Orassy is a multi-functional centre which focuses on every aspect of health, wellness and self-development. We preserve the original meaning of “Spa”, a place of healing, enabling a personal evolution in each individual.

The Orassy was established in 2007 and officially opened in 2008. The centre was founded by Konstantin Pavlidis whose vision and aim is to offer the most comprehensive platform for establishing and maintaining good health. This is accomplished through combining advanced scientific discoveries with complementary medicine and ancient wisdom traditions.

The structure of Orassy is much more than simply a centre – it is a joining of a great many disciplnes through a complete understanding that we as beings are multi-layered and not merely a body.

The Orassy Ultimate Health logo represents a genesis point which forms the centre of a spiral, as seen rotating clockwise towards view. This illustrates the journey all beings are on to return to source, a philosophy found in most wisdom traditions. This path can also be observed quite clearly, from the smallest of the sub-atomic particles to the largest celestial body. The outer circle is a representation of whole- or oneness, completing a cycle as well as the 5 elements.


Transcendental Meditation – Charitable rates for room rental

Kovacsik Method for cancer patients as a charitable service

Interested in working with us? We have a number of exciting opportunities for collaboration. These include volunteer work, business ventures, training programs and interships.

You can get in touch with us via our contact page.

One of the programmes which Orassy joined was the MPP (Micro-Placement Programme) set-up by The City Law School. We were fortunate enough to enlist the support of Law Students from The City Law School which yielded fantastic results for both Orassy and the students involved. Following the students time at Orassy they were involved in a number of Orassy projects and leant their skills and experience in a number of original and inspired ways. We enjoyed having students down from The City Law School so much that we have since engaged with other educational institutes and have worked on projects with students from different areas of study including Business. Orassy are always open to working with other companies, organisations and institutes in a way which allows us to further our aims and goals as well as providing vital experience to those coming in to our organisation.Upon our visit to the awards ceremony for students who attended various Micro-Placement we were issues with a wonderful certificate of recognition, please see below:


If you or your organisation are interested in working with us in a mutual skill swap or voluntary capacity please do give us a call on 020 7517 9521

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