Kinesomasis (Master Practitioner)

Kinesomasis is a healing system based on a synthesis of body work techniques (shiatsu, anma, osteopathy, deep tissue work) and the natural movement of life-force energy in the body. It focuses on harmonising the energies of the thought (causal), emotional (psychic) and physical (bio-energy) bodies through an evolutionary process which begins with passive reception whilst lying on the floor and develops into active participation whilst standing and eventually moving.

There is constantly an active dynamic exchange of energy between the recipient and the practitioner throughout the work.

The modern view of good health in today’s world is to be ‘well’ in one’s body, to be ‘clear’ in one’s thoughts and to ‘feel happy’ in one’s emotions.

All of these factors though are interconnected and not independent of each other which suggests that there is a particular element common to all of them. This element known as Chi, Ki, Prana or Bio-Energy has been known to humans for thousands of years in many cultures.


Each level of ourselves (our thoughts, emotions, sensations in the body) represents different levels of energy or life-force that exist in a constant dynamic interaction in an attempt to maintain a balanced state. Therefore, any state of dis-ease or dis-order in one’s health is a result of an imbalance of the various levels of this life-force energy between our thoughts, emotions or physical body.

Whilst lying, energies are guided through the meridians of the entire body beginning with the Hara or Tan-Dien (centre of gravity) and sacral regions (triangular back bone) following the energy lines into the lower and then upper parts of the body. This not only stimulates one’s own natural healing power but also catalyses our own natural sense of ‘knowingness’ (intuitive mind).

Whilst standing, the defining of our internal geometry is then achieved by establishing a physical sense of the four energy rings and the three axial planes passing through the body. The life force is then extended from the Hara to the other energy centres (chakras) and through the axis to beyond the physical body. This allows for a more complete or whole integration of all our subtle bodies.

Whilst moving,  the use of sound and visualization of inner space initiates the subtle movement of life force from within the body raising the frequencies of these energies until they begin to resonate in phase with each other, allowing for a more refined awareness of our ‘internal environment’. This is then incorporated into the physical body through larger, more dynamic movements to enable an exploration and attunement with our ‘external environment’.

Session Time: 90 minutes

Consultant: Konstantin Pavlidis & Aniko Nagy

Extra Information: You have the option of requesting a Bush Flower remedy to help your realignment process after the session and start bringing balance back into your life.