The Life Blueprint

“In very clear and powerful ways, Konstantin gives you the Keys to life. A more complete awareness of someones true existence. I have never had such a profound way of learning by the transmissions received during this process.

TheLifeBlueprintThroughout history, ancient systems of knowing have been passed down for the purpose of overcoming a perceived divide between spirit and matter to achieve higher states of consciousness. 

Many of these systems of knowing have been forced underground leading to generations of human beings who have struggled through life, weighed down by false belief systems and blocked emotions leaving us disconnected from the creative joy, flow, and liberated expression that is our natural state. 

This disconnection is at the root of the crisis facing humanity in our current time.

“Konstantin is a great master and teacher and the insights and revelations that occur under his guidance are unparalleled in my experience” – Anna Forbes, Integrative Medical Doctor

The Life Blueprint course is a seven part, three stage process for guiding the individual back to their essential self.  The course provides a deep understanding of Natural Law, Cosmic Energy and the interconnectivity between our experience of life and existence.  The transformation that is experienced by going through this course are immediate, profound and permanent.

Step by Step

There are three stages and they involve the following: 

  • Preparatory ritual and creation of Sacred Space within
  • Connecting each person to the core of the planet and establishing their Bio Magnetic Field
  • Installing a balanced Energetic Template to de-fragment and restructure the Mind
  • Transmission of the three Yin Chakras leading to harmonization of the Four Elements
  • Realization of the Parental Archetypes representing the internal Mother and Father

“A beautiful, challenging & thought provoking weekend”  – C.K. Therapist

Stage one

We start with completing your Life Map, Ancestral and Archetypal Triangles.  These can be done in advance through an interview with the facilitator.  This includes listing all major life events from birth to the present moment, the relationship of each parent to their parents and grandparents, and finally, the basic archetypes that make up who you are in the world.

Stage two

For new participants a Friday evening orientation is presented where we introduce and explore the qualities of the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air). These principles will be used used as a reference to observe one’s personality and character through a guided movement sequence, leading to deep insights and enabling immediate positive changes in one’s life.

Stage three

We will be Unifying the Parental Archetypes (Mother/Father), Healing the Inner Child and the alchemical purification and transformation of all lower thought forms, patterns and habits into an expansion of the heart.

In this introductory course, we are presenting stages one and two during a three day period that will offer a foundation toward further exploration and completion of the entire process. Throughout it all you will be guided by a master facilitator in this process, imprinting this information into every cell of your being.

“After years of going to spiritual workshops, this one is where I’ve really genuinely shifted” – Julene Siddique, Composer

The Path to Ultimate Health

We provide you with a comprehensive assessment procedure that you will not find anywhere else in the UK.  Using a complex of assessment techniques from cutting edge technology ranging from non-invasive medical procedures as well and the new TimeWaver suite of full quantum devices, we provide health profiling at a level that traditional methods are unable to detect.Adding Live and Dry blood analysis to the combination and a consultation with an Integrated Medical Doctor, very little will be overseen.Whereas normal medical testing can sometimes leave you hanging for weeks, our unique non-invasive complex of assessment tools provide you with comprehensive answers about any area of health or life within a few hours.As a result, a customised programme of treatments, supplements, diet and classes will be developed allowing the client to take an active role in managing their own health, career and well-being in life.These translate into:

  • Fast results from the analysis means you can take the appropriate actions quicker.
  • A true and whole picture of your health state means your health can be managed more effectively.
  • Identifying the direct cause of any condition means you can enjoy significant lasting health benefits.
  • The Quantum Spa educates and empowers you to manage your health and life better.
  • The laser-focused approach to your health transformation leads to huge cuts in your healthcare costs.
  • Effective and efficient health transformation means you can focus on your life and career with much better focus and clarity.

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