Dance Mastery

“Look good feel great”

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A4Dance Mastery is an integrative movement system. It explores the underlying principles at the foundation of the dance, how these principles manifest and what we may achieve by tuning into all of our faculties: our thoughts, emotions, physical body and higher awareness simultaneously.

The system uses the classical western dance form as this already works with principles based on Natural Law, Centre of Gravity, Geometry, oppositional forces and direction of energy flow.

Dance Mastery involves a series of exercises and movement experiences that allow the freedom to enjoy one’s work.

These include:

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques, meditation and visualisation to discharge excess energy and improve concentration, body co-ordination and stamina.
  • Development of life force in the body in order to learn how energy can move us instead of using muscular strength.
  • Understanding the natural laws of movement (Centre of gravity, geometry, oppositional forces, directions of energy flow) which are at the foundation of the dance.
  • Applying these laws to the principle movements in classical dance (plie, tendu, jete, battements etc.) to improve technique.
  • Understanding the principles helping you to find you own unique way of moving.
  • Learning exercises that correct physiological/psychological imbalances and re-align the body.
  • Developing an overall perspective of the dynamics between the inner (personal) and outer environments and how this is used to unite us in the art of dance.
  • Analysing an individual’s source of movement in dance and their relationship to space. This leads to clearer communication in performance.
  • Self-care and treatment of injuries and prevention of further damage

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The purpose of the work is to facilitate a deeper understanding of our inner nature, and the interaction between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of a human. This will assist the dancer leading to more harmony and balance and a better performance.

With Dance mastery you will improve







Establish a powerful presence on stage

Getting a Deeper understanding and refinement of your technique

Acquiring powerful dynamism in your stage performance

Dance Mastery is a revolutionary technique made by dancers through dancers for the dance itself, designed to achieve excellence in your performance skills.


“ The New  Dimension in Life Movement”.

Dance Mastery is based on Choreosynthesis or Space Integration, which refers to the interconnection between the inner, outer and greater worlds, It is the result of thirty years of experimental research in Biomechanical Analysis of movement of dancers and Specific meditative states.

The inspiration came through the research in science and art of Leonardo Da Vinci, during the Renaissance. In his drawing of the Vetruvian man Da Vinci shows the integration of the human body in space and in nature. He believed the workings of the human body to be an analogy for the workings of the universe.

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Choreosynthesis is where Science, Art and Metaphysics come together. It is the interface between the human and the cosmos.

Choreosynthesis branches out into various other movement based systems such as Dance Mastery, Movement Mastery, Zen Essence Yoga . These systems are based on Universal laws of movement in daily life. It is a journey towards Whole Self Integration.

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Choreosynthesis is “the ultimate training for movement artists”.

Konstantin Pavlidis


Konstantin Pavlidis, founder of Dance Mastery/ Choreosynthesis  /Dance Lab London, has spent the past 30 yeas working in the fields of therapy , traditional medicine, healing , scientific  research  and in the performing arts.

He is also a movement artist studying dance from the age of six and having begun his career as a Character Dancer with “Kalinka” Russian Dance Ensemble from the age of twelve with dances of the former Soviet Republics and the Vaganova Classical Ballet system. He then moved on to study other dance forms including Contemporary, Modern, Classical Indian Katak, Flamenco, Latin American and ballroom.

Between the age of 23-27 he had studied classical dance with Misha Slavensky; founder of the Tasmanian Ballet , Dance Master and choreographer; Sasha Alexander and Elaine Michel  – Borovansky Ballet  School and Valreen Tweedy- Head of the Cechetti Ballet system in Australia. Simultaneously to his dance training he also studied and practiced Tai chi, martial arts, internal arts, various meditation traditions, Tibetan/Indian and Japanese yoga forms, since the age of 12years old.

He had collaborated with various dance groups and choreographers both in performance projects and as a teacher of Dance Mastery.
He received a BEd Science from the Institute of Education, Sydney University, Australia where he majored in Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement and has subsequently developed a number of teaching programmes in the areas of self-development, therapy/healing and the performing arts. Some of these are: Zen Essence Yoga, Kinesomasis, Dance Mastery, Choreosynthesis.

In 1987 He travelled to North America, Asia, and throughout Western and Eastern Europe to further his research in this field. He has worked with a number of dance companies and schools over the past twenty-eight years. Some of these include the Dutch National Ballet, Deutsche Oper, Ballet Bejart de Lausanne, the Stuttgart Ballet School, the Rambert Ballet School and the Universal Ballet Company-Korea.

In 1990, Konstantin established Unstructured Light, a multi disciplinary theatre group that explores new dimensions through the meeting point between song, dance, music, acting and poetry where they work through the mediums of meditation, visualisation, yoga, energy and self-development techniques as the foundation for the creation of performances. Konstantin has produced12 full-length theatre works and many smaller commissioned pieces. Unstructured Light has presented in many countries and cities with a variety of guest artists at many diverse events.

Aniko Nagy


Aniko Nagy began her training as a dancer from a young age coming from a background of ballet dancer parents. She trained in the classical ballet to later work as a modern/contemporary dancer in Berlin Germany with varied companies of Regina Baumgart, Tanz Theatre Skoronel, Jacalyn Carley at Tanz Fabrik, amongst others.

She later went on to further develop and deepen her understanding of the dance through teachings in Dance Mastery with Konstantin Pavlidis (founder), who has been her teacher since 1993. This brought her a new awareness and understanding of the principles of dance and the development of the energy /life-force in the body through different movement forms.

Since 1990 she has been practicing yoga and subsequently went on to train with several teachers including Konstantin Pavlidis in the Okido Yoga and Zen Essence Yoga where she later became a teacher in 1996.

She began teaching privately and in the public sector widespread throughout London and overseas at various institutions such as: BBC World Service, Shell Oil, Ipsos Mori, The Old County Hall, Fitzrovia Community Centre, Orassy Ultimate Health, The British Arts Council amongst others. In 2007 she continued her yoga Teacher Training and received another certificate through the Sivananda Organisation/Academy.

Since 2003 she has been training in Trulkor Tibetan Yoga under Lama (Tsultrim) Jampa Gyatso Rinpoche. In 2014 she received full recognition and authority to teach this system internationally.

She currently works and has trained in several therapy systems since 1993 in Kinesomasis – Energy and Structural Rebalancing for Wellbeing with Konstantin Pavlidis; in Holistic massage ITEC in 1999 as well as in Cupping and Thai Foot Massage. From 1996 she has been learning various Self Healing systems under the guidance of Lama Gangchen Rinpoche and teaches them to the present time.