Quantum Feng Shui (QFS)

Quantum Feng Shui

QFS is a scientific procedure that assists in developing balance and harmony between a person and their environment. This is achieved by analysing an individual’s state within a particular space, whilst advanced technologies take measurements at quantum levels of the space itself.

It is well-documented that aspects of a building can influence a person’s physiology. For example studies have already established that low natural light levels within a home can reduce cortisol levels within the body. This can lead to altering and reducing the immune response system and metabolism, leading to diseases such as diabetes and mental conditions such as depression.

Space and light are the more common areas we are aware affect a person, however our scientific studies demonstrate that electromagnetic waves, particularly from wi-fi devices, often disrupt the balance within a body’s system.

The tests are combined to give a picture of how the space is impacting on the person; the play of influencing factors including the elements, location, radiation, physical arrangement of objects, materials used and architectural features. Through analyses of the data we can determine the effect on an individual on many levels, from their physical body through to their psycho-emotional states.

  • For workplace occupants: QFS can develop enhanced productivity and wellbeing.
  • For property developers: QFS is a tool that can be used to design, build and sell properties.
  • For home owners: QFS can remove toxic spaces and support healthy states for all the family.
  • For Architects & Interior Designers: QFS can be used in the early stages of the design process to eliminate potential design faults detrimental to health, therefore creating a truly holistic design from the outset in all aspects of the building.

How it works

QFS utilises a wide range of technological devices to provide a comprehensive view of a person’s health state within a space, including the (Gas Discharge Visualisation) GDV, or (Electro Photonic Imiging) EPI. Readings are analysed under several settings and compared. Solutions to the specific problems can then be isolated. Examples of which include TimeWaver Device Activations, Water Purification Systems, Air Ionisers, Electromagnetic Field Filters and Powdered Crystal Wall Finishes.

Quick Facts