Sonic Healing

“The voice is the only instrument made by God. All other instruments were made by man.” – Sufi saying


Sonic healing (also called Sound healing) is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health. This has been known by wisdom traditions for many centuries.


Modern science now supports the ancient belief that all matter comes from vibration or sound. Physicists have found that the physical world is made up of vibrating energy.

Sonic Healing can be transmitted in a number of ways:

1) Through using your own voice
2) Through using your voice with other voices
3) Through using your own voice while listening to music
4) Through listening to another person’s voice or a number of voices
5) Through listening to an instrument or instruments
6) Through listening to music or sound through a loudspeaker or through headphones

To create your own unique sound bite, the process starts when you provide us with a personal statement about a state of being you would like to maintain or am aspiring to. Through the careful guidance of Konstantin and the members of the Unstructured Light group, the essence of your statement is focused and encoded into sound.

This sound bite is then made available to you in the form of a digital download which you can easily load onto your music player of choice.

Some of the applications for Sonic Healing is as follows:

• Acupressure Point Stimulation
• Auditory Biofeedback
• Auditory Integration
• Birthing Assistance
• Brainwave Entrainment
• Chakra Balancing
• Chanting
• Computer Voice Analysis
• Crystal Bowls
• Cymatics
• Death Transition
• Drumming
• Hemispheric Synchronisation
• Hydroacoustic Therapy
• Improved Circulation
• Increased Concentration
• Learning Acceleration
• Medication Reduction
• Meditation
• Neurophone (Ultrasonic Neural Stimulation)
• Overtoning
• Pain Control
• Shamanic Rituals
• Sound Massage
• Sound Therapy (Tomatis Method, Berard Method etc.)
• Sleep Improvement
• Stress Reduction
• Tibetan Bowls
• Toning
• Trance States
• Tuning Forks
• Ultrasound (To break up Gallstones, Kidney Stones, Dental Plaque)
• Vibroacoustics
• Energize our brains
• Increase our immune system
• Enhance relaxation
• Tune our nervous system, resonate our DNA and cellular structure
• Reduce stress and heighten our consciousness
• Productivity Enhancement
• Relaxation
• Rhythmic Entrainment

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