Spiritual Fitness Journey – Cyprus  Special Offer £900
23rd – 29th October 2017

Spiritual Fitness is a Course designed to teach foundations of Spiritual Practices needed for effective and sustainable Self-Development and transformation in a space of one week.

In modern daily busy lives there is often not enough time to commit to a regular practice that has a power to truly transform  and develop ones Inner Self.

This Journey is tailored for those who wish to kick-start their own Journey of Self-Development and wish to become equipped in a short time with the necessary tools needed for inner transformation.

Each day of this Journey will begin with a Zen Essence Yoga session taught by Aniko Nagy and move on to practices led by Konstantin Pavlidis. Afternoon sessions in Movement Mastery working with 5 Elements and Geo magnetic Energy in nature, evening sessions in Ki Robics energy training,  Meditation and Self-Healing sessions.

The focus will be on developing a personalised life management programme for each participant.

The aim of this Course is lasting transformation.

The journey will culminate in a Life Blueprint Course facilitated by Konstantin.

Aniko Nagy

Since 1990 Aniko has been practicing yoga and subsequently went on to train with several teachers including Konstantin Pavlidis in the Okido Yoga and Zen Essence Yoga where she later became a teacher in 1996.

She began teaching privately and in the public sector widespread throughout London and overseas at various institutions such as: BBC World Service, Shell Oil, Ipsos Mori, The Old County Hall, Fitzrovia Community Centre, Orassy Ultimate Health, The British Arts Council amongst others. In 2007 she continued her yoga Teacher Training and received another certificate through the Sivananda Organisation/Academy.

Since 2003 she has been training in Trulkor Tibetan Yoga under Lama (Tsultrim) Jampa Gyatso Rinpoche. In 2014 she received full recognition and authority to teach this system internationally.

She currently works and has trained in several therapy systems since 1993 in Kinesomasis – Energy and Structural Rebalancing for Wellbeing with Konstantin Pavlidis; in Holistic massage ITEC in 1999 as well as in Cupping and Thai Foot Massage. From 1996 she has been learning various Self Healing systems under the guidance of Lama Gangchen Rinpoche and teaches them to the present time.

Konstantin Pavlidis

Konstantin is a science educator, meta-physicist and artist who has worked in the fields of wisdom traditions, therapy, traditional medicine, healing, scientific research and the movement arts over the past four decades.

He is also associate Professor at Moscow State University.

His therapeutic background is in the study of natural medicines from the Georgian, Chinese, Japanese Indian and Tibetan traditions  as well as therapy systems which include Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Osteopathy and Sports Medicine gaining his qualifications both in Australia and Japan.

His training in wisdom traditions includes Toaism, Zen and Tibetan Buddhism from various masters, Australian Aboriginal and Eastern Christianity since childhood. He has participated and collaborated in many initiations and rituals with masters of various traditions from around the world over many decades.

He is also a movement artist having studied and practiced the martial arts, internal arts, energy medicine, various Meditation traditions, Tibetan/Indian/Japanese Yogas and Classical dance.

He has created a number of teaching programs in the areas of self- development, therapy/healing and the performing arts. Some of these are:

Zen Essence Yoga, Movement Mastery, Kinesomasis, Kum Nye Therapy, Dance Mastery, Choreosynthesis

He received a BEd in Science from the University of Sydney, Australia where he first began to use analytical and assessment devices as part of the research during his major study in Biomechanical Analysis of Human Movement.

This continued with brainwave pattern research into altered states of consciousness using advanced analytical and diagnostic technologies .

Konstantin’s qualifications include BEd Science, Diploma Therapy (Shiatsu, Sports Injuries),

Diploma Teaching – Zen Yoga; M.B.S.A, Federation of Holistic Therapists.