Quantum Spa

“This is part of the future of medicine… it is non-invasive, highly effective and uses Quantum Science. A new dawn in medicine is here.”

The Quantum Spa is a pioneering concept bringing together the latest quantum technology and the original meaning of the word ‘Spa’: ‘a place of healing’.

TreatmentProtocol-289x300The five-stage process involves 1) Assessment 2) Consultation 3) Evaluation 4) Application 5) Transformation.1) The first stage is an initial assessment involving readings from a quantum device called the Electro-Photonic Imaging (EPI) measuring photonic emissions  from  the client’s ten fingers.We then assess the client’s current physical and psycho-emotional state by employing a quantum therapeutic device called the TimeWaver. This offers us deeper insight and another perspective of the causality of the client’s current life situation.This procedure is followed by an appointment with our Live Blood Analyst who will conduct extensive research of the client’s physical as well as psycho-emotional health.2) During the consultation phase, the client is then seen by the Integrative Medical Doctor who employs a holistic perspective  toward  their overall health and well being.3) Based on the feedback from the consultation and assessment data generated by the devices, an evaluation is done to determine the best treatment plan and supporting diet and lifestyle changes.4) Application is completed by way of administering treatment and monitoring results, using data captured during the previous stages as a baseline to monitor improvement, leading to the final stage of transformation.5) This final stage involves a customised programme of inner developmental training and courses which rapidly enable the client to transform any outmoded beliefs and programmes which block them from realising their true potentials.The complete programme functions by using the following assessment and therapeutic equipment:

  • Consultation with Integrative Medical Doctor
  • Basic Screening
  • EPI (Electro-Photonic Imaging, also known as Bio-Electrography)
  • Live Blood Analysis (Cellular condition and performance)
  • TimeWaver Heart rate variability
  • TimeWaver Pulse-Wave analysis
  • TimeWaver Organ Coherence Scan
  • TimeWaver Full body scan

The Path to Ultimate Health

We provide you with a comprehensive assessment procedure that you will not find anywhere else in the UK.  Using a complex of assessment techniques from cutting edge technology ranging from non-invasive medical procedures as well and the new TimeWaver suite of full quantum devices, we provide health profiling at a level that traditional methods are unable to detect.Adding Live and Dry blood analysis to the combination and a consultation with an Integrated Medical Doctor, very little will be overseen.Whereas normal medical testing can sometimes leave you hanging for weeks, our unique non-invasive complex of assessment tools provide you with comprehensive answers about any area of health or life within a few hours.As a result, a customised programme of treatments, supplements, diet and classes will be developed allowing the client to take an active role in managing their own health, career and well-being in life.These translate into:

  • Fast results from the analysis means you can take the appropriate actions quicker.
  • A true and whole picture of your health state means your health can be managed more effectively.
  • Identifying the direct cause of any condition means you can enjoy significant lasting health benefits.
  • The Quantum Spa educates and empowers you to manage your health and life better.
  • The laser-focused approach to your health transformation leads to huge cuts in your healthcare costs.
  • Effective and efficient health transformation means you can focus on your life and career with much better focus and clarity.

Integrative medical doctor consultation

Consultation and AnalysisSeeing each person as an individual rather than a disorder label, Integrative Medical (IM) doctors view disease as arising through a series of imbalances, which can be within any aspect of the person’s life.Considering the physical, the psycho-emotional, the spiritual and the environmental dimensions of an individual’s life and bringing them together is key to understanding the overall health status of that person.They work at this ‘root cause’ level rather than treating or masking symptoms (the body’s expression of imbalance).

Initial Basic screening

This includes the following basic parameters:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Total body water %
  • Muscle Mass
  • Basal Metabolic rate
  • Metabolic Age
  • Visceral fat
  • Peak flow
  • Glucose Testing
  • Cholesterol Testing

These parameters are used to gather baseline information which serve as a reference for other procedures and provide content for the context.

Electro-photonic imaging

Electro Photonic ImagingThis device allows us to look at the effects of the psycho-emotional on the physical body and what stressors are causing the biggest problems.  It maps out the functioning of the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system in order to see how well these systems work together.The incoherence between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems is what we referred to as stress.  Depending on which organ or body system we find the highest stress, we can trace true cause to effect for both the psycho-emotional as well as physical conditions leading to illness and disease.

TimeWaver suite of devices

TimeWaver MedTimeWaver provides you with information about the correlations of symptomatic and causal disorders in a client´s information field and can also help to eradicate or balance them during treatment. In the TimeWaver database, you will find an extensive selection of information models based on the ten levels listed below which allow a client to be assessed and understood holistically.The analysis of the information field comprises all dimensions, from the spiritual and psychological level to the physical and symptomatic levels.Different levels include: Spiritual, Socio-Systemic, Psychological, Informational, Energetic, Vibrational, Physiological, Detoxification, Micro-bacterial and Symptomatic.

Organ coherence scan

TimeWaver Organ CoheranceEvery organ has a electromagnetic energy field. The organ coherence analysis examines the quality of this energy in the information field indicating the connection of the respective organ to the patient´s intact information field. The organ coherence module evaluates the coherence of all organ fields and performs a cause-oriented analysis in the information field.The first step allows you to quickly receive an overview of which organ groups are under or over regulated and which ones are coherent in the information field. The organ coherence analysis aims to discern which organs the information field balance will begin with and to find the appropriate balancing procedure in the information field. The organ coherence database contains information of all essential organs and systems of the human body that are divided into 52 categories with more than 2000 organ details.

TimeWaver Full body scan

Similar to the organ coherence scan, we can also look at the whole body with all its components for much more in depth detail about the parts that makes up the body.  Each muscle, nerve, artery, bone, organ and cell will be scanned in detail.

TimeWaver Heart Rate Variability

Heart RateThe heart does not beat steadily and the interval between each heart beat varies as does the frequency. This indicates that flexibility is necessary to adapt to certain environmental stimuli and challenges such as reacting to stressful situations. Heart rate variability (HRV) is therefore an ideal parameter to detect states of stress within the body and mind, and resolve them by means of stress reduction.HRV allows for stress analysis to be performed on four levels consisting of 13 parameters. These parameters are grouped as follows:

  1. The Vegetative nervous system or relation of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and general overall energy
  2. Regulatory ability of the systems with acute and chronic stress parameters
  3. Combined view of heart rate variability (HRV) plus extra systoles or contractions showing the stress state of a person
  4. Stress state of a person with six parameters and their correlation to the Psycho-Neurological-Endocrine-Immune system (mind, nerves, hormones, immune system)

TimeWaver Blood Pressure and Pulse wave analysis

TimeWaver VascularThe TimeWaver Vascular System is a specialist system for the determination of hemodynamics and the flexibility of the arteries. It measures different parameters like peripheral blood pressure, central aortic blood pressure, heart minute volume, peripheral resistance in the vessels, augmentation index, augmentation pressure, pulse wave speed and its reflective coefficient.Pulse wave analysis can be used as a screening method for cardio-vascular diseases and for other indications like heart insufficiency, dilated cardiomyopathy, therapy resistant hypertension, risk stratification and monitoring of anti-hypertensive conditions.  Standard blood pressure measurement has been the norm in monitoring cardiovascular diseases to date. However blood pressure alone does not have any significant relevance regarding the hemodynamics and the flexibility of the vessels, neither does it give any information regarding the fluid mechanics of the blood.Only a pulse wave analysis can give precise indications whether arteries are still flexible enough or whether there is atherosclerosis offering a valid evaluation of the artery’s flexibility. This greatly enhances a clinic’s decision making ability towards accurate prognostics and therapy.

Live and Dry blood analysis

Live Blood AnalysisConventional blood tests are done by extracting blood from a patient’s arm and sent to a laboratory to be examined by a haematologist.  Within 30 minutes the blood cells die, so the haematologist only counts dead red and white blood cells, determine what number is the cholesterol level or whether the patient is anaemic, etc.Live Blood Analysis is the qualitative analysis of living blood under an exceptionally powerful microscope and then captured on a camera.  During Live Blood Analysis the patient has the opportunity to see the immune system activity amongst many other phenomena that would be missed by conventional techniques such as: bacteria, parasites, hormonal imbalances, yeast, fungus, mycotoxins, mould sugar imbalances, sugar intolerance, allergies, uric acid and more.“Blood is important because it is the primary stem cell.  What this means is your blood, even the red blood cells are embryonic cells. It is your red blood cells that become body cells, including muscle and bone.  The quality of your blood will determine the quality of your skin, liver, heart, brain, muscle, bone.” – Dr Robert Young.

Integration of data

The data from all the aforementioned analysis will be collated and analysed by our multi-disciplinary team of experts. Once analysis is complete, you will be contacted by the IM doctor to discuss the results and next steps.  An overview will be given of the causes and conditions while making some suggestions of how to move forward. Functional testing will also be advised if there is a need for more information about a specific condition.

Post assessment follow up

Finally, should you wish to proceed with treatment, you will be given an option of receiving a unique plan tailor made to your specific requirements. This may include a programme of treatments and therapies, products, detoxification methods, classes or workshops to support you in your journey to better health well-being.  Over years of research, we have developed specialist training systems, therapies and combination products in order to support your journey from within the Orassy, a one-stop-shop to your ultimate health.

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