Welcome to the Academy

The Academy’s mission has been to provide specialised training at the highest level in disciplines  covering research, medicine, therapies, education, sport and movement arts.

We offer training courses for a range of full- and semi-Quantum devices and how they can best be applied to your area of expertise. The curriculum covers a deeper understanding into the aspects and  science behind each device and its application to a particular field.

The Orassy Academy is at the forefront in offering training to doctors, therapists, educators, sports and movement artists, carers and scientists that goes beyond the normal parameters set out by current Educational curriculum and Academia.

Why Choose Us

We offer a truly unique perspective by bringing together the disciplines of science,  allopathy, wisdom traditions and complementary alternative therapies in order to give clients an objective overview of their health and life state. Our training courses reflect this in every aspect and we have over half a decade of experience in actively employing these principles at our Health centre in Docklands.

What Client’s Say

“Quantum Feng Shui has the power to measure and manage all of these states and more and therefore finally integrate the ‘full’ human factor into the design and build of our towns, offices and homes.”
“A beautiful, challenging & thought provoking weekend”
C.K., Therapist
“I have participated in the Blueprint course over four times. Every time it was a very unique experience that had a profound and transformative effect on me”
Eli, Psychologist
“Konstantin is a great master and teacher and the insights and revelations that occur under his guidance are unparalleled in my experience”
Anna Forbes, Integrative Medical Doctor
“I went to re-find myself”
Aneta, Orassy Ultimate Health Client
“All the information gave me hands-on approaches to take control of my attitude and experience of daily life”
Mark Van Ham, Msc. Psychology
“Whilst there are many therapies that facilitate the rehabilitation of self that I have undergone; none have had such a profound effect as The Blue Print Course”
Golda White, Alternative Health Workshop Facilitator
“Each journey we take is getting us closer and more in touch through experience of our true nature”
Angelina Foo, Designer

What We Offer

Device Training

A complete training package for a range of full- and semi-Quantum devices.

Complete Package

Comprehensive levels of training which provides an insight and holistic understanding of the individual.



We are available to support you to create a bespoke service for your clients

See how we employ the devices

Real world demonstration of how we’ve used the devices to help our clients in the Quantum Spa.


Quantum Integrative Medicine

Access the Future of Health, Now

The Medicine of the Twenty-Second Century

Drawing upon the four foundational cornerstones of healthcare – Science, Wisdom Traditions and Alloptahic and Complimentary medicine. This is the future of medicine that takes all aspects of one’s being into consideration.


Research and Development

The Orassy Academy is actively involved with several research projects

Development of new technologies

In partnership with the Moscow State Pedagogical University, including the institutes of Biology and Chemistry, Institute of Physical Culture, Institute of Advanced Studies & Centre of Students Healthcare, we are involved with ongoing projects in Therapeutic and Corrective techniques, new device development and research into meditative states.

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We have a rolling cycle of group and private courses. If you are interested to hear more about the training the Academy can deliver and course schedules we are ready to hear from you.

Orassy Academy

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Training Courses

The Quantum Integrative Medicine Model has been developed and refined by the Orassy over the last 5 years of clinical trials.  Together with professionals from various fields an Integrative Medical model has been developed which is supported from a Quantum perspective.

The Academy offers training and courses on a range of fields to support this model.

Quantum Feng Shui is an exciting new tool for, architects, interior designers and property specialists to detect and correct environmental imbalances that impact people within their homes, offices or other internal spaces. It is a scientifically measured system designed to measure, balance and harmonise people within these environments.

Quantum Feng Shui analyses & balances:

  • Organ Coherence
  • Stress & Nervous Systems within the body
  • Detects and Corrects Visible and Non-visible Energetic Fields
  • Water Quality for Cleansing and Consumption
  • EMF (electromagnetic field) Pollutants
  • Sound Pollution
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Geo-magnetics
  • Bio-magnetics
  • Negative Ions
  • Building & Product Materials

Dance Mastery is an integrative movement system. It explores the underlying principles at the foundation of the dance, how these principles manifest and what we may achieve by tuning into all of our faculties: our thoughts, emotions, physical body and higher awareness simultaneously.

The system uses the classical western dance form as this already works with principles based on Natural Law, Centre of Gravity, Geometry, oppositional forces and direction of energy flow.

Dance Mastery involves a series of exercises and movement experiences that allow the freedom to enjoy one’s work.

The purpose of the work is to facilitate a deeper understanding of our inner nature, and the interaction between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of a human. This will assist the dancer leading to more harmony and balance and a better performance.

Zen Essence Yoga draws from the knowledge and wisdom of numerous disciplines and cultures, including that of modern western science to create a common ground. Its aim is to teach the fundamental principles of energy of movement that form the foundation of our daily lives.

It comprises of a system of interaction and communication. This follows integration of the major paths of self-development and realization; Jnana, Bhakti, Raja, Hatha, Kriya and Karma Yogas.

Through the promotion of this interactivity we can explore and connect with our essential self.

The work involves a series of various exercises and movement experiences such as:

  • Meditative breathing and visualisation that discharges excess energy and improves concentration, sensitivity, body co-ordination and stamina.
  • Re-education of the nervous system and development of life-force energy in the body.
  • Learning exercises, which correct physiological/psychological imbalances and re-align the body.
  • Analysing the source or motive of movement and its expression in daily communication.
    Diagnosis and re-balancing of the human aura.
  • Exercises for re-balancing the chakras.
  • Healing using sound (breathing vibrations, voice harmonics).
  • Understanding and interacting with the natural laws of movement (gravity, geometry oppositional forces) which are at the foundation of our crystal body.
  • Applying these laws and Principles to daily life.

Kinesomasis is a multi-level healing system based on a synthesis of body work techniques of Shiatsu, Anma, Osteopathy and deep tissue work aligned with the natural movement of life-force energy in the body (Prana or Chi).

It focuses on harmonising the energies of the thought (causal), emotional (psychic) and physical (bio-energy) bodies through an evolutionary process which begins with passive reception whilst lying on the floor and develops into active participation whilst standing and eventually moving. There is constantly an active dynamic exchange of energy between the recipient and the practitioner throughout the work.