Electro-Photonic Imaging

Orassy-Quantum-Spa-EPCThe Electro Photonic Captor (EPC, formerly known as GDV) was developed by the Russian physicist Professor Konstantin Korotkov at St Petersburg University in 1995. It is based on interpreting the EPC image (referred to as Electro-Photonic Imaging  of the body’s glow or Bio-Field which has been known for centuries.)

This non-invasive capture methodology allows for the study of energy fields in real time. From this we can derive the current state of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual emanations from an individual, but also their interactions with the surrounding environment. During the EPI test, you simply place your fingers on the glass of the EPC camera to be painlessly scanned.

Within seconds, your personal energy field will be shown up on the screen. This energy pattern signature is linked to an autonomic nervous system activity and reflects the level of functional energy stored in particular systems or organs of the body.

Session Time: 60 minutes

Consultant: Annelie Nel

Extra Information: Before coming for this assessment, please refrain from having a heavy meal. Avoid any stimulants or where possible medication. Short nails are required as we will need access to your fingertips for scanning.

The Kirlian Effect

The EPC functions on the basis of the “Kirlian Effect” where a subject emits a burst of electrons and photons under the stimulation of a high intensity field. In the gaseous medium of the contact between a subject and the surface of the EPC’s lens, an avalanche and/or sliding gas discharge (GD) develops.

This serves as an amplifier of the subject’s weak elecro -photonic emission. This is very similar to the amplification processes in photo-multipliers. With the help of an optical system and a CCD-camera 4, (charged couple device) the discharge’s fluorescence is transformed into video signals, which are recorded in the form of single shots (EPC grams) or AVI-files in the computer.

The data processor represents a specialised software complex, which allows the calculation of the system of parameters and therefore, the possibility of drawing diagnostic conclusions.

Together with spectral analysis, a way of distinguishing various aspects of the human field has been developed. This is done by using a special filter while photographing the EPC-grams and is determined by the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. The filter distinguishes between the activity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems ie it seperates the physical from the psycho-emotional bodies of the subject.

Some areas of application for this branch of analysis include:


  • Locate physical area of energy disturbance to determine whether it is consistent with the described area of physical complaints. Demonstrate client’s level of vitality and stamina to determine their risk for significant medical interventions such as surgery. Study the effect of pharmaceutical treatments.
  • Evaluate changes occurring after various forms of alternative and complementary medical regimes are utilised. Analyse blood and urine samples and microbiological cultures for changes in energy fields.

Workplace Applications

  • Demonstrate how employee’s energy levels are raised or lowered in response to interacting with different types of bosses or supervisors.
  • Evaluate how energy fields are enhanced for production workers in response to certain types of music or different colored environments.
  • Evaluate the effect of adverse environmental factors, (noise, noxious fumes etc.) upon production worker’s energy fields and performance.
  • Evaluate how close proximity to electronic products (TVs, computers, microwave ovens, cell phones, power lines) can affect energy fields of users. Determine the energetic “shelf-life” of various products which include food and wine.
  • Hair vitality for use in beauty industry
  • “Cause of Death” determinations for use of medical/forensic examiners.

Research in Altered States of Conciousness

  • A powerful Data base has been achieved through research in different mind states such as Meditation, Trance and Healing. This enables a therapist to reveal to the client how emotional states such as “anger” or “love” can affect their energy fields.
  • Demonstrate how the changes in energy fields evolve in response to regular participation in meditative or mental relaxation programs.
  • Demonstrate to the client how their energy fields are impacted when they are in physical proximity to important social figures such as family members.